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  • HMView  202)   HMView 4.04
    HMView supports most of the HTML 3.0 specs., it supports frames, tables, animated GIFs, sound, and other desirable HTML features. The splash screen, animated logo, and help file can be customized.

  • Remove Toolbar Buddy  204)   Remove Toolbar Buddy 5.0.1
    Remove Toolbar Buddy will help you keep Internet Explorer clean by removing unwanted toolbars, toolbar buttons, menus, browser helper objects. Remove Toolbar Buddy removes all kinds of Internet Explorer add-ons.

  • Easy Browser Pro  207)   Easy Browser Pro 2.4
    EasyBrowser is the fast Internet browser that disabless pop-up ads, filters annoying media like images,flashes,video,audio and blocks dislikable domains and urls. it support you to view multiple web site within one window and to fill form easily.

  • Job Search Career Kit Software  208)   Job Search Career Kit Software 9.00
    Globally Search Job Listings Worldwide. Our job search career kit includes job search software, resume writing, cover letters, and interviewing tips.

  • Online News Screensaver  209)   Online News Screensaver 1.50
    Get the latest news and weather delivered right to your computer screen with this cool screensaver tool. If you have a direct Internet access, the screensaver will keep bringing you the news reports continuously - sport, entertainment and much more.

  • Play The Web  210)   Play The Web 1.46
    Display HTML, RSS feeds, PowerPoint or Flash files on a web kiosk and live update these files through the web. Every new file is automatically retrieved and displayed. Use it to create a news feed linked to popular web sites or your own content.

  • 4c  211)   4c 1.0
    "I´ll never forget this sight." 4c visualizes, where browsers work with long URLs. Surfing in the web becomes visible easier. Fast previews in the history and of the favorites. Experience surfing completely new!

  • DeltaSpy  213)   DeltaSpy 1.7
    This web page monitoring software keeps an eye on websites selected by you, notifying you only when there is something new to see. When you visit the site, the new or altered content will be highlighted.

  • aeroFox  214)   aeroFox 0.4.6
    aeroFox is a transparent web browser for Windows . Yes! you can adjust the transparency of aeroFox windows to see the windows behind. It supports multilayer transparency also .It has a cool glass like look and feel

  • AbsoluteToolbar  215)   AbsoluteToolbar 1.5.1
    With one click you can open a map of the selected address, mortgage calculator, description, translation, company info, stock charts, searches by 18 categories, a new window. Also has quick close, zoom, scroll and minimize shotcuts, anti-spy checker.

  • Gogo Explorer  216)   Gogo Explorer 2.34
    Gogo Explorer tabbed browser is a powerful web browser. It is based on the Internet Explorer engine, and provide more excellent features.

  • BrowserBob Developer  217)   BrowserBob Developer
    Create multimedia applications, eBooks, CD menus, custom browsers, presentations, virtual clients in your own design via Drag&Drop using any web-technology. Quick results for professional standalone software. Combine the best of both worlds!

  • IE DOM Inspector  218)   IE DOM Inspector 2.0.1
    IE WebDeveloper is an IE add-on. The rich web debugging toolset allows you to inspect and edit the live HTML DOM, evaluate expressions and display error messages, explore source code of webpage and monitor DHTML Event and HTTP Traffic

  • KidRocket Web Browser -  Kids Browser  219)   KidRocket Web Browser - Kids Browser 1.0b4
    KidRocket is a FREE Kids Web Browser, designed for Kids to safely surf the internets top child related web sites. New password-protected Parental Admin Area, New GUI, over 200 custom colors, interactive Math Flashcards, Games, Internet Filter.

  • PC Chaperone Toolbar  220)   PC Chaperone Toolbar 5.7
    The PC Chaperone Toolbar is a FREE add-on for Internet Explorer that combines useful tools, such as a Google search box, with powerful and customizable Internet filters

  • IE Count Keywords  221)   IE Count Keywords 1.0
    Adds new Count Keywords context menu item to Internet Explorer. Click the new menu item, enter a keyword or phrase, and the amount of occurences of that word or phrase on that page is then counted and displayed.

  • Belkasoft ICQ History Extractor  222)   Belkasoft ICQ History Extractor 1.01
    Lost in your ICQ history? Not a problem any more! Belkasoft ICQ History Extractor allows you to extract your Mirabilis ICQ and Miranda IM history into such formats as plain text, HTML and XML. Almost all versions of ICQ/Miranda are supported.

  • WebCab TA for .NET (Community Edition)  223)   WebCab TA for .NET (Community Edition) 1
    100% Free COM, .NET and XML Web service providing 25+ technical indicators for the construction of technical trading systems. By using these methods with our included JDBC mediator you will be able to iteratively apply these indicators to a DBMS.

  • Acai Berry  224)   Acai Berry 1.0
    search the best acai berry juice, acai berry powder and acai berry supplements

  • Opera (Java)  225)   Opera (Java) 7.50
    A fast, secure, configurable, and standards compliant Internet/intranet browser.

  • Bar Graph MDI  226)   Bar Graph MDI 3.65
    Bar Graph MDI is a GRML, CSV, and text delimited file and web browser. It displays files and web pages using 6 graphs. There are bar, pie, stacked bar, 3D bar, 3D pie, and 3D stacked bar graphs. Each has a legend, color-coding, and dimension labels.

  • Surf Logger  228)   Surf Logger 2.0.1913
    Surf Logger is an effective means for analyzing your web browsing history. It can also recover your lost logins, passwords; prevent your kids from watching explicit web content, and expose lazy employees who are goofing off online all day.

  • Capture Text  229)   Capture Text 4.1
    Recognizes and saves any text that otherwise cannot be saved or printed. It can copy everything that resembles text in any form. Now you can forget about copy-protected texts or any data - Capture Text will copy and save it for you.

  • The Diet Solution Program  230)   The Diet Solution Program 1.0974
    Diet Solution Program toolbar. This is for Internet Explorer. This has an 80's rock radio station included, an e-mail notifier, weather report, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

  • Browse3D  231)   Browse3D 3.5
    Browse3D’s advantage is visual. View, load and save multiple web pages simultaneously, eliminate pop-ups. Advanced quick search features. Load the next web page while still using the current one, view 4 pages at once, visually view your back history.

  • DigiMode Browser SP  232)   DigiMode Browser SP 1.0.0
    DigiMode Browser is full IE browser shell with Audio capabilty and multi home page setup utility that allows user to setup up to 26 starting pages.

  • febooti ieZoom toolbar  233)   febooti ieZoom toolbar 1.3
    IE toolbar - zoom Internet Explorer pages, zoom web sites. Auto fit print web pages with proper width and without cropped margins. Pick colors using html color names (x11, NS, web safe colors). Resize browser window using presets. Use skins.

  • Control icons XP  234)   Control icons XP 2.0
    Multifunctional tweak:This application allows to change standard icons Window to others, and icons taken of other applications and libraries. You can change an icon for the program with any expansion or for any installed programe

  • IE Count Text  235)   IE Count Text 1.0
    Adds new Count Text context menu item to Internet Explorer. Right click inside of any form field on any page loaded in IE and click the new menu item. The amount of lines, words, and characters in that field is then quickly counted and displayed.

  • ieSnapshotter  236)   ieSnapshotter 1.01
    ieSnapshotter is a Plugin for Microsoft Internet Explorer that allows you to take screenshots and thumbnails of web pages and convert html or any files to images. Anything you can view with internet explorer you can take a snapshot for it.

  • QBrowser  237)   QBrowser 1.6
    QBrowser is a web browser for power users. Based on Microsoft Internet Explorer, it can open multiple web pages at the same time. Using its powerful scripting capabilites, you can automate tasks and you can even modify web pages while you visit them.

  • All Search Toolbar  238)   All Search Toolbar 1.0
    Search toolbar for Internet Explorer that searches Google, Yahoo!, MSN, AOL, and eBay. Plus, the All Search Toolbar includes privacy features, a pop-up blocker, access to current coupons and shopping specials, and one-click access to popular sites.

  • SimLD Lite  239)   SimLD Lite 1.01
    This locked browser is ideal for use for common access PC's where limited or restricted internet usage is provided for users in places such as retail, libraries, banks, hospitals and clinics as well as universities and schools.

  • PopSurfer  240)   PopSurfer 1.0
    Airport-Starbucks-Conference Room Laptop Road Warriors - no mouse? No problem. PopSurfer pops up with a single click and the shortcut surfing commands come right to the pointer..wherever you are. With or without mouse it's a great timesaver. Free!

  • Web Video Downloader for Firefox (Linux)  242)   Web Video Downloader for Firefox (Linux) 6.7
    Web Video Downloader for Firefox is a free FLV video download tool. This video downloader can fast download YouTube videos and also download videos from other sites; always transfer latest video information without browsing all video sharing sites.

  • IE Assistant  243)   IE Assistant 2.33
    IE Assistant allow you Save web as image, Save Flash and other files to local disk, with one click sweep extended menu/toolbar of IE easily , It adds a new toolbar and many useful features to Internet Explorer.

  • Burlywood Google Chrome Theme  244)   Burlywood Google Chrome Theme 1.0
    If you're not happy with the default skin of Google Chrome, you can download alternative theme files. Here's a Burlywood Google Chrome Theme, you can free download it to enhance your Chrome Browse

  • authentic mexican recipes  245)   authentic mexican recipes 4.1
    Authentic mexican recipes toolbar for doing great searches on the internet. See the TV channels you want, listen to radio stations you like, get your area weather, all with this great toolbar.

  • pageQ Web Page Player  246)   pageQ Web Page Player 1.4
    PageQ is a unique research tool for the web. It lets you capture, replay and email a slideshow of web sites. Like sharing your bookmarks. It looks and works just like any web browser with a new player toolbar (play, pause, ff etc.) Easy!

  • Square1 Web Browser  247)   Square1 Web Browser 1.2
    Perfect for the technophobe that just doesn't want all those menus and buttons, excellent for children too, or if you just want a quick and simple emergency browser. Get back to Square1...... Unaffected by browser hijackers and toolbars.

  • Opera  248)   Opera 8.0.1
    A fast, secure, configurable, and standards compliant Internet/intranet browser.

  • Web Page Archiver  249)   Web Page Archiver 1.1
    Web Page Archiver is an add-on for Internet Explorer (IE) that allows you to effectively and quickly create archives out of Internet publications and export these archives into files of the Compiled HTML Help (CHM) format.

  • m9P Surfer  250)   m9P Surfer 5.0
    m9P Surfer is a very fast light weight web browser! This web surfer is extremely small in size, very fast, and provides complete internet surfing capabilities. It has most of the options and functionalities expected from a modern web browser.

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